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CIMComp - Automated Fibre Deposition Technologies

About this event

Automated Fibre Deposition Technologies

Automated Fibre Deposition is used for high specification, often large structures with precise fibre placement requirements in complex geometries.

Researchers from the EPSRC Future Composites Manufacturing Research Hub are investigating process parameters to reduce defects, improve manufacturing performance and develop next generation fibre placement technologies.

Flexibility in the use of different materials, such as dry preforms, thermoplastic tapes and recycled fibres, optimising design for manufacture and in-line process monitoring, are key to broadening industrial applications of this technology.

Investigators from the Universities of Nottingham, Bristol and Edinburgh will share the latest developments from their research projects. Confirmed speakers:

Automated Fibre Deposition Technologies

  • Introduction – Nick Warrior (5 minutes)
  • Thomas Turner – Technologies Framework for Automated Dry Fibre Placement (10 Minutes)
  • Eric Kim – Fibre Steered Forming Technology (10 Minutes)
  • Colin Robert – Automated Production of Powder Epoxy Carbon Fibre Tape for Automated Fibre Placement (10 minutes)
  • Dongmin Yang – COMPrinting (10 minutes)
  • Q & A 15 Minutes

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