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CIMComp Webinar - Multifunctional Structural Composites

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Manufacturing for Structural Applications of Multifunctional Composites

The focus of the webinar will be on the Hub’s Work Stream 3 activities investigating the design and manufacturing issues associated with multifunctional composites, with particular focus on structural supercapacitors. These multifunctional materials simultaneously store (and deliver) electrical energy whilst carrying mechanical loads. Such multifunctional materials offer a completely different approach to using composites in transport and mobile electronics, and have the potential to provide a step change in weight and volume driven designs.

The presentation will be given by Professor Emile Greenhalgh from Imperial College London, and Dr Dmitry S. Ivanov from the University of Bristol.

Design and Manufacturing Issues for Multifunctional Structural Composites

Multifunctional structural composites is a completely new approach to using structural materials, and through adoption in the electrification of transport, offers a promising route to deliver Net Zero.

These materials are structural composites which are imbued with additional functionality, such as sensing, actuation and energy storage, and go beyond multifunctional structures, in which monofunctional devices are embedded within conventional composite laminates.

The presentation will give an overview of this emerging technology, with particular focus on structural power composites: structural composites imbued with the capacity to store/deliver electrical energy. We will outline the aspirations and state of the art of these materials, and then consider the issues and developments associated with design and manufacture of multifunctional structural composites. The presentation will culminate in a perspective on the future hurdles and adoption routes of this exciting composite development. 

There will be a Q&A session at the end of the webinar.

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