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A Practical Approach to Implementing Semantic Data Layers

About this event

This webinar is a collaborative effort brought to you by the expertise of Enterprise Knowledge (EK) and Fluree, designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding and practical guide to implementing semantic data layers effectively.

What You Will Learn:

  1. Introduction to Semantic Data Layers and Their Business Value: We kick off the webinar with an introduction to the concept of Semantic Data Layers, complete with a reference architecture. You'll learn about their role in organizing and connecting data across disparate systems and their significance in enabling data discovery and collaboration.
  2. Key Drivers for Semantic Data Layer Transformation: We'll cover the critical motivations behind the shift towards semantic data layer implementation, including data fabrics, GenAI, and more. This segment will also cover the driving forces that necessitate this transformation, shedding light on the benefits of adopting a semantic approach to data management to cut costs, save time, and improve operations.
  3. Overcoming the Hurdles: Implementing new technologies comes with its challenges. We'll address the common barriers to successful semantic data layer implementation, including the limitations of status quo data architectures, managing technical debt, and the risks associated with every data transformation.
  4. The Model, Map, Connect Framework: We'll introduce a simple-yet-effective framework to streamline the implementation of semantic data layers. This section covers Fluree's ontological approach to modeling data, strategies to accelerate data cleansing and harmonization, and the use of knowledge graphs to enhance connectivity and insights.
  5. Practical Steps to Success: Learn about the tangible benefits of starting small and scaling over time. This approachable strategy ensures that organizations can gradually integrate semantic technologies without overwhelming existing systems.
  6. Real-world Success Stories: The webinar concludes with a series of case studies from both Enterprise Knowledge and Fluree, highlighting the practical applications and successes of semantic data layers in various industries.

Who Should Attend:

This webinar is essential for IT professionals, data architects, Chief Data Officers, business analysts, and decision-makers looking to enhance their organization's data management practices. Whether you're new to the concept of semantic data layers or seeking to refine your existing strategies, this webinar will equip you with the knowledge and tools needed for successful implementation.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Kevin Doubleday Director of Communications @ Fluree

  • Guest speaker
    Eliud Polanco President @ Fluree

    Eliud Polanco is a seasoned data executive with extensive experience in leading global enterprise data transformation and management initiatives. Previous to his current role as President of Fluree, a data collaboration and transformation company, Eliud was formerly the Head of Analytics at Scotiabank, Global Head of Analytics and Big Data at HSBC, head of Anti-Financial Crime Technology Architecture for U.S.DeutscheBank, and Head of Data Innovation @ Citi. In his most recent role as Head of Analytics and Data Standards at Scotiabank, Eliud led a full-spectrum data transformation initiative to implement new tools and technology architecture strategies, both on-premises as well as on Cloud, for ingesting, analyzing, cleansing, and creating consumption ready data assets.

  • Guest speaker
    Lulit Tesfaye Partner and Vice President of Knowledge and Data Services @ Enterprise Knowledge

    Lulit Tesfaye is a Partner and the VP for Knowledge & Data Services and Engineering at Enterprise Knowledge, LLC., the largest global consultancy dedicated to Knowledge and Data management. Lulit brings over 15 years of experience leading diverse information and data management initiatives, specializing in technologies and integrations. Lulit is most recently focused on employing advanced Enterprise AI and semantic capabilities for optimizing enterprise data and information assets.