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Data-Centric Strategies to Break the Cycle of Legacy Addiction

About this event

Join Brian Platz, CEO of Fluree and Dave McComb, President of Semantic Arts for a discussion on practical steps organizations can take to break the cycle of legacy addiction and move to a more data-centric architecture.

We'll describe the path to data-centricity through a continuum: Legacy Amplification, Legacy Avoidance, Legacy Erosion, and Legacy Replacement.

What is Data-Centric?

In a data-centric architecture, data is the central product, while "agents" such as applications, data science workflows, or machine learning systems interact with and revolve around this core of interconnected data. In this model, we strip back the many layers of middleware and instead push responsibilities related to interoperability, trust, security, and sharing down to the base data layer. Opposite of the “Application-Centric” stack, a data-centric architecture is one where data exists independently of a singular application and can empower a broad range of information stakeholders.

But, how do we move from legacy infrastructure to this promised land? In Data-Centric Strategies to Break the Cycle of Legacy Addiction, we'll discuss strategies and tactics for organizations to:

  • Assess their own organization's data-centric maturity
  • Build technological and cultural paths to data-centric architectures
  • Think Big and Start Small through the MMCE framework (Model, Map, Connect, and Expand)

This webinar serves as a sequel to our first joint webinar with Semantic Arts titled "Data-Centric Transformation."

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  • Guest speaker
    Dave McComb Founder, President @ Semantic Arts

    Dave McComb is the President and co-founder of Semantic Arts. He and his team help organizations uncover the meaning in the data from their information systems. Dave is also the author of “The Data-Centric Revolution”, “Software Wasteland” and “Semantics in Business Systems”. For 20 years, Semantic Arts has helped firms of all sizes in this endeavor, including Proctor & Gamble, Goldman Sachs, Schneider-Electric, Lexis Nexis, Dun & Bradstreet, and Morgan Stanley.

  • Team member
    Kevin Doubleday Director of Communications @ Fluree

  • Guest speaker
    Brian Platz

    Brian is the Co-founder and Co-CEO of Fluree, PBC, a North Carolina-based Public Benefit Corporation. Platz was an entrepreneur and executive throughout the early internet days and SaaS boom, having founded the popular A-list apart web development community, along with a host of successful SaaS companies. He is now helping companies navigate the complexity of the enterprise data transformation movement. Previous to establishing Fluree, Brian co-founded SilkRoad Technology which grew to over 2,000 customers and 500 employees in 12 global offices. Brian sits on the board of Fuel50 and Odigia, and is an advisor to Fabric Inc.