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E-invoicing Explained: ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ India

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Interested in unlocking the potential of e-invoicing in India?

Join us for an in-depth live session, where we'll guide you through every aspect of implementing e-invoicing in your business. Recognize that e-invoicing goes beyond mere compliance - it's about thriving in a dynamic business landscape. Acquiring a deep understanding of its nuances is pivotal for not only meeting regulatory requirements but also for optimizing your operational efficiency.

In the opening segment, we'll delve into the unique requirements of e-invoicing implementation in India. From deciphering the regulatory framework to simplifying the process of generating e-invoices, we've got you covered.

Curious about the integration of e-invoicing within the realm of e-commerce platforms? Join us as we dissect the pivotal role e-invoicing plays and the challenges platforms encounter in ensuring compliance.

Contemplating the adoption of an e-invoicing solution but feeling uncertain about where to begin? Uncover expert insights on selecting the ideal solution tailored to your business needs and the critical factors to consider along the journey.


  1. E-invoicing requirements in India
  2. E-invoicing for e-commerce platform operators
  3. Implementing an e-invoicing solution in India
  4. Q&A

Don't let the complexities of e-invoicing hold you back. Seize this opportunity to gain valuable insights and actionable strategies. Reserve your spot now and embark on an enlightening journey with us in E-invoicing Explained: India!

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  • Team member
    Nicole Giaimo Senior Tax Manager @ Fonoa

    Senior Tax Manager at Fonoa, established our indirect tax regulatory compliance team and current tax lead for our e-invoicing and returns products. Based in Boston. Indirect tax expert, ensuring Fonoa's products comply with global legislation.

  • Team member
    Selin Adler Ring Tax Technology Manager @ Fonoa

    Selin Adler Ring is a Tax Technology Manager at Fonoa. Previously, she worked as a Senior Regulatory Counsel for Sovos. Selin joined Fonoa because she was fascinated by the companyโ€™s vision. She currently lives in Stockholm.

  • Team member
    DP T
    David Pevec Solutions Lead @ Fonoa

    Joined Fonoa 3 years ago as one of the first employees on the business side, after investing in tech companies at a global VC fund. At Fonoa currently focused on Solution design, bridging sales and product functions across the organization.


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