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Fonoa Tax Essentials | Solving Marketplaces Challenges

About this event

Dive into the world of marketplace taxation with this webinar that discusses the role of tax technology for platforms and marketplaces.

Gain a deeper understanding of the specific challenges faced by marketplaces/platform operations, including issues related to latency speed, digital reporting requirements, and compliance hurdles.

Explore the problems encountered by 3rd party sellers on marketplaces and how to address these challenges

See what tax technology can do for marketplaces, how it works, what you need and what to consider.


  • What indirect tax challenges Marketplaces face
  • How tax technology supports Marketplaces
  • Seller-centric concerns and their impact on Marketplaces
  • Demo
  • Q&A

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Tiago Santos Fonoa

  • Team member
    Alexander Kobakhidze Head of Tax Tech @ Fonoa

    Fonoa's Tax Evangelist & Director of Tax Tech. Former Head of Tax Tech at Uber. Based in Croatia, passionate about global tax solutions and that’s why he decided to join Fonoa.

  • Team member
    Rob van der Woude Chief Tax Officer @ Fonoa

    Together with a world class team of tax, product, engineering and operations professionals, I help global tax teams navigate today’s global indirect tax challenges through smart tax technology.


Indirect tax technology for global businesses

First global tax automation platform that allows you to validate tax IDs, calculate taxes, generate invoices and e-invoices, report transactions and file your tax returns through a single solution.