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Fonoa Tax Essentials: Overview and Practical Guide to Global Tax ID Validation

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Validating Tax IDs is becoming a hot topic for many digital economy companies with global operations. This is a result of the digital and online economy taking off in recent years, and tax authorities around the world consequently becoming increasingly more stringent on assessing whether a transaction was correctly classified (B2B/B2C) and taxed. However, validating any party’s tax registration status is not straightforward.

In this Fonoa Tax Essentials webinar, our experts Alexander Kobakhidze and Attila Felfoldi will explain the various real-life use cases where this topic has gained notoriety, what the common practical problems are that in-house tax and finance teams face when having to validate tax IDs at a global scale. They will also share and demo some of the technological innovations and breakthroughs Fonoa has recently made that are new to the market that may benefit companies struggling with this topic.

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    Attila Felfoldi Data Sharing Lead @ Fonoa

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    Alexander Kobakhidze Head of Tax Tech @ Fonoa

    Fonoa's Tax Evangelist & Director of Tax Tech. Former Head of Tax Tech at Uber. Based in Croatia, passionate about global tax solutions and that’s why he decided to join Fonoa.


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