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Transforming Fantasy into Reality with Modo and Nuke

About this event

Aided by Foundry’s Modo and Nuke, Christian Bloch and Snowgum Films transformed fantasy into reality with the final release of Troll Bridge, based on Terry Prachett’s short story. A filmmaking adventure spanning 17 years, Troll Bridge is a unique combination of live action alongside hand-animated characters that brilliantly captures the essence of Discworld and serves as a fitting love letter to the author.

Join VFX Supervisor Christian Bloch to see how Modo and Nuke helped in the creation of Troll Bridge. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the production and learn how a passion project was created by a team of dedicated volunteers based around the world.

Haven’t seen Troll Bridge? It’s available right now to watch on YouTube. You can also learn more about the short film on the official website with their extensive behind-the-scenes documentation. We encourage you to watch this fantastic story before the webinar.

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  • Guest speaker
    Christian Bloch VFX Supervisor / Co-Producer @ Troll Bridge

    Christian (Blochi) Bloch is a VFX artist, supervisor, author, and multimedia content creator. He lives in Hollywood/California, where he teaches HDR photography at the GNOMON School of VFX and works as independent freelance contractor. Most recently he launched The Blochiverse channel on YouTube.

  • Team member
    Greg Brown Product Owner/Designer @ Foundry

    Greg Brown has been with the Foundry for 7 years showing off the awesomeness that is Modo. More recently, he's transitioned over to dvelopment as a product designer, helping to define the future of Foundrys 3D asset creation tools.

  • Team member
    Dj M Creative Specialist @ Foundry

    Foundry Creative Specialist versed in Nuke Studio, Hiero, NukeX, CaraVR, Ocula, Mari, and Flix.


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