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Accelerate Business Growth with Digital Product Creation

About this event

Reach More Buyers Effectively Though Digital Selling

Our selling landscape has been radically changed in the last year. The majority of retail buyers are now working from home. And while travel restrictions will likely be lifted in the next 6-9 months, buyer’s travel habits may lag in returning to normal. In fact, it may be 2023 before international travel fully returns to pre-pandemic levels, and with it, the face-to-face interaction we once relied on.

This means we find ourselves in a time where we must be innovative. Enter: Selling Digitally to buyers. Going completely digital means you don’t need to rely on physical samples and in-person meetings to make sales. On top of that, you can:

  • Make your showrooms completely digital.
  • Make your entire catalog as close as your buyer’s laptop or tablet.
  • Go straight from design to marketing and sales with digital product creation.
  • Reach new buyers never before accessible with traditional selling methods..

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At a time when we’re not able to get together, Foundry is pleased to host webinars across industry-wide topics, developments and releases that we believe are relevant to our user base and the broader VFX and digital design communities. Our panel discussions are intended to provide an open forum for people to share their opinions, views and personal experiences. The views and opinions expressed belong to those that share them, and do not necessarily represent those of Foundry. Please read our policy for digital events.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Ellery Connell Creative Specialist @ Foundry

    Ellery has spent years helping to introduce 3D design into traditionally 2D workflows starting with his book "3D for Graphic Designers." Ellery and Foundry are developing new tools and workflows to more quickly communicate creative vision from initial concept to finished product.

  • Guest speaker
    Moh Guissé Process Optimization Project Director @ PVH

    During his time at PVH, Moh has worked for both Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. He now devotes all his time to Tommy Hilfiger where he works to help fully realize the adoption of 3D design for Tommy’s footwear team.


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