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Comp Lair: The Next Level Program

About this event

2D Supervisor Pedro Andrade strongly believes that the key to the successful and smooth development and completion of a VFX project resides in great leadership. Committed to that mission, Pedro created The Next Level online program, unparalleled in the VFX industry by being specifically tailored for aspiring Compositing Supervisors.

The program is based on 3 pillars of knowledge that are essential to supporting this possible future new role for the individual: Technique, Scripting and Management. The program is designed for established compositing professionals that want to focus on how to better support their future teams with a different and specific type of knowledge that will enhance their technical and management ability to harness a project from a leadership position! 

Being self-taught and a curious type of person, Pedro has first-hand experience in knowing what works and what doesn't when it comes to learning outside a physical class. Passionate about sharing knowledge by changing the usual angle on how professionals see their day to day jobs, Pedro believes that this method of learning gives professionals a unique set of skills that stand out, as it involves more research, more testing, and consequent development of truly unique techniques by the individual.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Juan Salazar Creative Product Manager @ Foundry

  • Guest speaker
    Pedro Andrade 2D Supervsior

    Pedro Andrade is a 2D Supervisor with a Mechanical Engineering background. He built his career in London, with experience in all mediums of VFX production. As a 2D Supervisor, he has worked in companies such as DNeg, Cinesite, or Milk VFX. He's also the Founder and Creator of Comp Lair Live show.


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