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Digital Product Creation - Brunch and Learn

About this webinar

In the current landscape of rapidly progressing technology, growing competition, and strains on manufacturing chains; the need for clear communication is more important than ever. Using 3D visualization to aid in the design process can make a significant difference in the quality of communication from design and decision making to manufacturing but can come with a steep learning curve. To that end, we present Colorway; a design application built to harness the power of 3D visualization while still remaining approachable to those familiar with 2D applications. Together with the power of Modo, our fully featured 3D application, Colorway can help designers to refine their ideas, communicate their concepts with decision makers, and insure that their design intent is brought into final manufacturing. This streamlining of the design process will help you to save time and money all while allowing your designers to be more creative.

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    Ellery Connell Creative Specialist @ Foundry

    Ellery has spent years helping to introduce 3D design into traditionally 2D workflows starting with his book "3D for Graphic Designers." Ellery and Foundry are developing new tools and workflows to more quickly communicate creative vision from initial concept to finished product.


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