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Foundry Live: Key Forces and Technologies Driving Change in the VFX Industry

About this event

As the world continues to change, we continue to adapt to new work environments and requirements. Join us on this webinar where we will be walking through the key technologies driving changes in our workflows and pipelines. From scalability and setting up distributed pipelines using the cloud to virtual production, we dive into how these technologies are changing the industry. We’ll also look at the benefits that these bring and how we can start to embrace them into our productions.

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  • Team member
    Dan Ring Head of Research @ Foundry

    Long-time Foundry veteran, with a mission to bring cutting edge technologies into the hands of artists and post-production professionals. Currently in love with Virtual Production, Machine Learning for VFX, ways of making the Cloud more accessible, and Volumetric Video.

  • Team member
    Mathieu Mazerolle Director of Product, New Technology @ Foundry

    Mathieu's passion is unleashing the potential of technology and putting it in the hands of creatives. His projects have included launching a start-up, leading blockbuster video game franchises, pioneering the convergence of real-time graphics and film, and launching a cloud service for VFX artists.


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