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Foundry Live: The Future for Story Development: Flix

About this event

Flix is a central hub for pre-production teams, giving storyboard artists and editors a place to streamline communication during the iterative creative process and focus on story development.

With the growing need for tools that organize assets and provide pipeline management, Foundry’s vision is for Flix to to provide a customizable structure for asset management between story and editorial. Join the Flix team as they share what is in the future for Flix and discuss the new features to come in Flix 6.4 including, an improved journey from Storyboard Pro to Avid, that support the move of camera keyframes transfer into aaf, and UX enhancements.

Foundry Live is sponsored by Dell and NVIDIA and attendees will have the chance to win a NVIDIA RTX 5000, Foundry licenses and special prizes.

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  • Guest speaker
    Ari Rubenstein Visual Effects Supervisor

    Ari Rubenstein is a Visual Effects Supervisor with over 25 years experience focused on VFX for Live-Action and Animated Feature Films. In addition to these commercial ventures, Ari spends considerable time developing independent not for profit films utilizing a worldwide crew of remote-based talent. These films serve to further his development as a craftsman and to explore and evolve the art and technology of filmmaking.

  • Team member
    Juan Salazar Creative Product Manager @ Foundry

  • Team member
    Mariagrazia Petito Di Leo Product Manager @ Foundry


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