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Foundry Live: The Future of Look Development and Lighting Solutions

About this event

Building upon the revolutionary advancements made in Katana 4.0 and the continuous quality-of-life improvements in Mari, Foundry’s Look Development and Lighting teams are joining forces to provide innovative solutions that remove pipeline friction and help artists get their desired result faster.

Join this session for an exclusive look at the future of Mari and Katana. We’ll discuss how the integration of Universal Scene Description (USD) will allow artists to streamline their workflows, enabling teams to easily collaborate across departments and deliver high-quality visuals.

This event is sponsored by Lenovo and AMD.

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  • Team member
    Gary Jones Product Manager - Lighting @ Foundry

    A programmer who cross trained into VFX 12 years ago. After writing the initial documentation for Katana 1.0, Gary moved into production. Initially a Maya generalist but then at MPC as a lighter. After Lion King he returned to Foundry in 2018.

  • Team member
    Charli Holt Product Manager - Mari @ Foundry

    Since 2016, Charli has worked in a number of roles across our Mari team - playing a key part both in interacting with users and in working behind the scenes with the development team. She is extremely excited to step into Product Manager for Mari and brings her user-focused strengths to the team.

  • Team member
    Arielle Martin Associate Product Manager - Katana Lighting @ Foundry

    Arielle previously worked with Katana as a Pipeline Artist on animated films before starting at Foundry as a Creative Specialist, covering training and demos for Katana and Flix. She is now an Product Manager for Katana Lighting.


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