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Foundry Session: Digital Cinematography Panel

About this event

Join Foundry for the unique opportunity to sit down with three leading CG and Lighting Supervisors to explore the craft of digital cinematography. 

From the history of cinematography to the techniques and applications used today in animation and visual effects, the panelists will discuss what you need to know to master cinematography in CG productions.  

Panelists will include:

Andrew Roberts - CG Supervisor at Scanline VFX

Christophe Brejon de Lavergnée - Lighting Supervisor

Giuseppe Improta - CG Supervisor at Bardel

The panel will be answering live questions from the audience - don’t miss this opportunity to ask your need-to-know questions!

At a time when we’re not able to get together, Foundry is pleased to host webinars across industry-wide topics, developments and releases that we believe are relevant to our user base and the broader VFX and digital design communities. Our panel discussions are intended to provide an open forum for people to share their opinions, views and personal experiences. The views and opinions expressed belong to those that share them, and do not necessarily represent those of Foundry.

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  • Guest speaker
    Andrew Roberts CG Supervisor @ Scanline VFX

    Andrew Roberts is an award winning Digital Artist and Supervisor who has engaged in film making and related aspects of visual effects and computer graphics across Europe, Asia and America for the past 25 years.

  • Guest speaker
    Christophe Brejon Lighting Supervisor

    With 14 years’ experience in various lighting-based roles, Christophe Brejon is no stranger to the fundamentals and nuances of look development and lighting. His portfolio spans from his first feature film, Planet 51, to house-hold name titles like Happy Feet 2, The Secret Life of Pets and Lego Batman.

  • Team member
    Gary Jones Product Manager - Lighting @ Foundry

    A programmer who cross trained into VFX 12 years ago. After writing the initial documentation for Katana 1.0, Gary moved into production. Initially a Maya generalist but then at MPC as a lighter. After Lion King he returned to Foundry in 2018.

  • Guest speaker
    Giuseppe Improta CG Supervisor @ Bardel

    Giuseppe Improta, a CG and Lighting Supervisor for high-profile movies and animated feature films, is also a teacher, photographer and cinematographer. With a distinctive approach to 3D lighting, Giuseppe enjoys sharing his approach to help students improve their craft.


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