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Foundry Session: Working in VFX - Black Perspectives

About this webinar

Join three top Black VFX professionals as they offer insight into their career journeys —from their stories starting out in vfx to their current role, the steps they made to get to where they are today, and the challenges they’ve faced along the way. This session will be hosted by Damii Dada, Project Manager at Foundry.

This session is an open and honest dialogue about accountability in the workplace, mental health and allyship. 

At a time when we’re not able to get together, Foundry is pleased to host webinars across industry-wide topics, developments and releases that we believe are relevant to our user base and the broader VFX and digital design communities. Our panel discussions are intended to provide an open forum for people to share their opinions, views and personal experiences. The views and opinions expressed belong to those that share them, and do not necessarily represent those of Foundry. Please read our policy for digital events.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Mark Pinheiro

  • Guest speaker
    Anne Akande VFX Producer | TV Central Production Manager @ DNEG

    Anne comes with over a decade of experience spanning across the creative industry; from advertising to immersive content & now focused on high end VFX for television & streaming. Currently VFX Producer & TV Central Production Manager at DNEG, she recently worked on Alex Garland’s DEVS.

  • Team member
    Damii Dada Project Manager @ Foundry

    26 Year Old, Project Coordinator from a Nigerian Heritage. Been a project manager for 4 years. Has a degree in Multimedia technology & design.

  • Guest speaker
    C. Pryce Senior Compositor @ XIVFX

    Courtney has worked in London’s Broadcast & Film since 2005. Working at The Mill, ETC, Peerless Film, Glassworks and many more. Commercial projects: Castrol Edge, Great Western Railway, Pentakill League of Legends. Episodic projects: Emmy Winning The Alienist, Black Mirror, The Crown & Top Boy.

  • Guest speaker
    Mark Pinheiro Director, Filmmaker and Compositor @ The Sex Pixels

    Mark has 30 years of industry experience. He worked through the television networks, on set, both in front and behind the camera, he trained up a vast majority of the London compositing community, he has directed his own feature and has just completed a project with DNEG.


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