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Foundry Skill Up: An Artist's Guide to Blinkscript

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A quick re-cap: the Blinkscript node runs Foundry’s Blink framework enabling us to write our code once and run it on any supported device. This is achieved through code translation on which the blink code is turned into specific code for each target device.

In this webinar, Chris Fryer, Digital Compositor at Trixter will walk you through his latest creation “An Artist's Guide to Blinkscript", a guide consisting of code-along style tutorials aimed at Compositors who are looking to expand their knowledge for making gorgeous pixels with Blinkscript!

Chris will demonstrate some of the key elements for Nuke’s Blink Script, how to apply it and support your wider team solving ongoing creative challenges. Join us and become a pro in using Blinkscript in the most creative ways.

This webinar is recommended for compositors who are familiar with Nuke and relatively complex principles and want to get started with Blinkscript to push their skills further.

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  • Guest speaker
    Chris Fryer Digital Compositors @ Trixter

    Chris Fryer is a Lead/Digital Compositor, Board Member of London ACM Siggraph and creator of 'An Artist's Guide to Blinkscript', having worked at ILM, DNEG, Trixter, Jellyfish Pictures, with projects including Star Wars, Jurassic World, Fast and Furious and clients such as DreamWorks and Marvel.

  • Team member
    Anna Samuel Associate Product Manager, Compositing and Finishing @ Foundry


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