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Foundry Skill Up: Modeling for VFX Today with Modo

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In this session Roo MacNeill will take a look into how VFX has changed to adapt to modern requirements and technology, focusing on his personal journey to becoming a highly skilled VFX mentor and Modeler at Framestore. In his free time, Roo hosts a Twitch channel, Rooviews, where he shares his passion for VFX by helping teach and mentor students in the hopes of inspiring the next wave of talented artists in the industry. Throughout the many years of using Modo for both BAFTA and Oscar-nominated movies, his knowledge and experience has recently evolved beyond the film pipeline in preparation for the next evolution of VFX.

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    Ruairidh MacNeill

    Ruairidh “Roo” MacNeil is a self-trained VFX artist that has contributed to BAFTA and Oscar nominated films. Roo currently is a Modeler at Framestore and in his spare time he enjoys helping students by reviewing their portfolios on his Livestream, Rooviews.


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