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Foundry Skill Up: What I Wish I Knew in Nuke

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Josh Parks, Senior Compositor at Important Looking Pirates, will dive into some of the fundamental Nuke skills and tricks that he wishes he knew when starting as a compositor in the VFX industry. Join Josh as he breaks down some of the key features, from understanding Nuke math to the method of grading CG to matching a plate. By tuning into this session, you’ll get a good base on some of the technical structures in Nuke.

At a time when we’re not able to get together, Foundry is pleased to host webinars across industry-wide topics, developments and releases that we believe are relevant to our user base and the broader VFX and digital design communities. Our panel discussions are intended to provide an open forum for people to share their opinions, views and personal experiences. The views and opinions expressed belong to those that share them, and do not necessarily represent those of Foundry. Please read our policy for digital events.

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  • Guest speaker
    Josh Parks Senior Compositor @ Important Looking Pirates

    Josh is a Senior Compositor and has previously worked for MPC,DNEG & ILM. Since starting in the industry, alongside compositing, Josh has been privately coaching students to VFX supervisors, helping them improve their compositing knowledge, as well as making frequent visits to Universities around the world.


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