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Foundry Super Session: Nuke TD Roundtable

About this event

Considering a career as technical director, or just want to find out more? Join four of the industry’s top Nuke TDs as they offer exclusive insight into their role—what it took to get there, challenges they faced along the way, and advice on how to overcome these. Hosted by Christy Anzelmo, Foundry’s Director of Product - Compositing & Finishing, this roundtable will dive into what the daily life of a TD and technical artist looks like, and how they optimize their pipelines to help fulfill their creative vision. 

We’ll also be hosting a live Q&A at the end to answer your most burning questions, so make sure you stick around.

At a time when we’re not able to get together, Foundry is pleased to host webinars across industry-wide topics, developments and releases that we believe are relevant to our user base and the broader VFX and digital design communities. Our panel discussions are intended to provide an open forum for people to share their opinions, views and personal experiences. The views and opinions expressed belong to those that share them, and do not necessarily represent those of Foundry. Please read our policy for digital events.

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  • Guest speaker
    Deke Kincaid Senior Pipeline Supervisor @ Digital Domain

    Deke, an industry-leading supervisor with 23 years of experience, has contributed to several blockbusters; most recently "Captain Marvel," "Avengers: Endgame" and "Spider-Man: Homecoming." As an expert in Nuke & Mari and Maya he has helped create a powerful and effective pipeline at Digital Domain.

  • Guest speaker
    Nick Constantinou Lead Compositor and Nuke TD @ Saddington Baynes

    Nick is the Lead Compositor & Nuke TD at Saddington Baynes where he's worked on brands such as Honda, Gaggenau and Jaguar as well as heading up the auto configurators. With a background in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design, Nick’s love of technology and art led him into the VFX industry.

  • Guest speaker
    Clementin Massin Nuke Pipeline Technical Director @ Cinesite

    An advanced Nuke TD, Clementin works with the pipeline team and supervisors building tools for VFX productions at Cinesite Montreal. He is responsible for providing technical support to Nuke artists, ensuring the smooth running of the workflows and developing tools to meet new show requirements.

  • Guest speaker
    Zach Lewis Technical Director @ Method Studios NYC

    Method Studios Technical Director Zach Lewis has been an essential contributor to Method’s pipeline for six years. He currently leads the R&D efforts towards the use of machine learning functionality with Foundry’s Nuke and previously assembled Method’s Open Color I/O pipeline.

  • Team member
    Christy Anzelmo Chief Product Officer @ Foundry


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