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Webinar: Free up time, unlock creativity with Katana

About this webinar

Join Director of Product, Jordan Thistlewood and Katana Associate Product Manager, Gary Jones for a webinar and live Q&A session covering the upcoming Katana 3.6 release and how it fits into Foundry’s vision for look development and lighting.

Jordan and Gary will discuss the features due to be released in context of how they respond to artist and studio needs, and how they fit into Katana’s wider development plans over the course of this year and beyond.

The webinar will cover:  

  • Katana 3.6’s enhancements in shading UX that empower artists and streamline pipelines
  • The innovative new snapping UX built on top of USD 19.11 technology
  • Tools built by developers for pipeline developers
  • How all of these enhancements fit into your potential future USD pipeline
  • A possible sneak peek of what comes next
  • Live Q&A

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Jordan Thistlewood Director of Product @ Foundry

    Trained in lighting and set design with a career that transitioned to a lighting focus in animation and vfx. After 15+ years in production Jordan joined Foundry. Currently the Director of Product for Look Development, Lighting and Pre-production tools at Foundry.

  • Team member
    Gary Jones Katana Associate Product Manager @ Foundry

    A programmer who cross trained into VFX 12 years ago. After writing the initial documentation for Katana 1.0, Gary moved into production. Initially a Maya generalist but then at MPC as a lighter. After Lion King he returned to Foundry in 2018. He is now the Katana Associate Product Manager.


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