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How to Make Your Passion Project Come to Life With Nuke

About this event

Behind-the-Scenes: The VFX of short Sci-Fi movie Cognition. Presented by Chocolate Tribe and Ravi Ajit Chopra.

Cognition, a short Sci-Fi Drama Produced by Talash Video Centre & Directed by Ravi Ajit Chopra, is now eligible for Consideration for ‘Best Live Action Short’ at the Oscars 2021. The story follows an unbreakable bond between father and son…. a bond that transcends SPACE AND TIME….

Join us on an exclusive show and tell webinar with Film Director, Ravi Ajit Chopra, Jannes Hendrikz, Nuke compositor, Tiaan Franken, Executive Technical Director, and Rob Van den Bragt, VFX supervisor & Executive Producer on Cognition, from Chocolate Tribe—an award winning, high-end visual effects and animation studio based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

This webinar will take you behind-the-scenes of the film, as well as the VFX work from Chocolate Tribe. The team will share their highs and lows on the project, as well as their workflows including world building with Nuke, distributed workflows in a pre-Covid era, and much more.  Also John Gallie (VFX lead) will also give an exclusive look at the VFX work on the Battersea Power Station shots in the film, using Nuke.

This webinar is suitable to anyone interested in learning more Nuke:

Visual effects across all levels

Independent filmmakers

Freelance Artist

Small studios

The Worldwide release of the film will be on 1st Feb in 92 countries, goto Cognition homepage https://cognitionscifi.co.uk

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  • Guest speaker
    Rob Van den Bragt VFX Supervisor / Executive creative director”. @ Chocolate Tribe

    After working as an animator and VFX supervisor for 25+ years at The Mill, Cinesite, and other studios. Rob co-founded Chocolate Tribe. As their Executive Creative Director and Senior VFX Supervisor, the high-end studio produces award-winning work such as Noughts & Crosses and Robot & Scarecrow.

  • Guest speaker
    Ravi Ajit Chopra xecutive Producer, Film & TV Producer / Director.

  • Guest speaker
    JG G
    John Gallie

  • Guest speaker
    Jannes Hendrikz Animation Director / Compositor @ Chocolate Tribe

    Jannes’ career began as a compositor before joining Blackginger, where he worked on music videos and the successful Blackheart Gang’s The Tale of How. He later co-founded the multi-award-winning Shy the Sun. These days he is part-time director and compositor on animation and VFX productions.

  • Team member
    Chris Andrewartha Associate Product Manager - Compositing & Finishing @ Foundry


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