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The Fundamentals of Color Management with Victor Perez

About this event

A collaboration with Netflix, Victor Perez & Foundry

We have joined forces with Netflix and filmmaker Victor Perez to bring you extensive color management training material. The principles and standards behind color management can be extremely complex, so it’s important to break down the fundamentals—a process which we’re delighted to bring to a global audience.

This webinar will draw heavily from Victor’s recent training course developed with Foundry and Netflix, demystifying the science of color management and showing you how to work with ACES in Nuke. Carol Payne, Imaging Specialist at Netflix, will also be joining our virtual stage with Victor along with Juan Salazar, Senior Creative Product Manager at Foundry to discuss the importance of color management.

This webinar will cover:

• History of this project

• Importance of colour management in the industry

• The importance of unifying the colour pipeline

We will be running a live Q&A at the end of the webinar and will be joined by our Nuke color specialists Nigel Hadley & Mark Titchener to answer questions.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Carol Payne Imaging Specialist @ Netflix

    Starting as a Color & Imaging Engineer at ILM, Carol Alynn Payne has had an accomplished career. In 2019, she joined Netflix as Imaging Specialist and is now a Virtual Working Group chair for ACES, a Technical Steering Committee member of OpenColorIO and founding member of Women in Visual Effects.

  • Team member
    Juan Salazar Creative Product Manager @ Foundry

  • Guest speaker
    Victor Perez Director & Visual Effects Supervisor

    Award-winner Film Director and VFX Supervisor, considered a visual effects compositing master and NUKE™ guru, Victor Perez, has worked on a number of Hollywood blockbusters. Starting his career as a photographer and digital artist, today his films have earned him more than 27 awards world wide.


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