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Digital Transformation with Modo and Colorway

About this webinar

Digital transformation is critical to staying competitive in footwear and accessories. See Colorway and Modo live in action and learn how they can help you seamlessly communicate design intent, rapidly iterate on design, and help improve your design workflows. Additionally, Colorway and Modo can help you:

  • Reduce design times by up to 90%.
  • Dramatically reduce your physical samples.
  • Make your supply chain much more resilient.

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Hosted by

  • Team member
    Ellery Connell Creative Specialist @ Foundry

    Ellery has spent years helping to introduce 3D design into traditionally 2D workflows starting with his book "3D for Graphic Designers." Ellery and Foundry are developing new tools and workflows to more quickly communicate creative vision from initial concept to finished product.


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Our products help tackle complex visualization challenges to meet the demands of your customers and projects. With over 20 years of industry know-how and a focus on speed, quality and user-experience, we save you time so you can spend it bringing incredible ideas to life.