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Webinar 'callas pdfToolbox for commercial and digital print'

About this event

Join our "pdfToolbox for Digital & Commercial Print" webinar to discover how callas pdfToolbox technology offers unparalleled functionality to seamlessly address production challenges, whether handled manually or fully automated.

Some of the features we'll showcase:

  • Quality Control: Ensure top-notch print quality with standard preflight profiles aligned with ISO PDF/X and Ghent Workgroup specifications. Address color, transparency, spot colors, and more, with automatic correction capabilities.
  • Color Management: Tailor color profiles for digital print requirements, convert spot colors, and optimize documents for enhanced print modes, all with pdfToolbox's versatile color engine.
  • Imposition: Streamline digital print workflows with an imposition engine that adapts to varying sheet sizes. Proactively impose PDF files onto larger sheets, reducing errors and enhancing print operator efficiency.
  • Trim, Bleed, Printer Marks: Overcome delivery inconsistencies by rotating, scaling, and adding bleed as needed. pdfToolbox ensures correct production parameters, including trim, bleed, printer marks, and other essential details.
  • Splitting, Merging, Imposition: Effortlessly split or merge PDF files based on your needs. Rearrange pages into larger print sheets with pdfToolbox's built-in imposition engine, supporting various layouts and complexities.

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    David van Driessche CTO @ Four Pees

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