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AI Forecasting in HotSchedules: How One National Chain is Improving Forecasting Accuracy an Average of 20%

About this event

How would a 20% improvement in demand forecasting help your business? Now what if this forecast was 100% automated, no longer relying on managers gut checks and varying experience levels?  

Join Fourth for a 30-minute session on how AI Forecasting can not only save manager time and improve forecasting accuracy, but reduce labor drift, drive sales, and improve customer satisfaction levels.  

We’ll uncover:  

  • How AI forecasting models work 
  • The impact AI Forecasting had on one national restaurant chain 
  • Fourth’s beta results for AI Forecasting in HotSchedules 

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Chris Sundgren Product Director; HotSchedules @ Fourth

  • Team member
    Marcie Tomlinson Director of Solutions, Restaurant Technology Expert @ Fourth


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