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Revving up Profits: Smarter Scheduling for the Auto Service Industry

About this event

The one thing sweeter than a clean car is knowing your teams are ready to service your customers with speed. 

And what’s the biggest untapped secret to maximizing throughout? Smarter scheduling.  

While scheduling may seem like something operating managers can put on autopilot, smarter scheduling practices will ensure you never waste labor dollars, are always staffed to meet demand, and increase your odds of retaining your employees.  

Join our industry insiders for an active discussion on how smarter scheduling: 

  • Helps you predict future demand with up to 98% accuracy 
  • Maximizes throughput and decrease labor budgets 
  • Decreases employee turnover 

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Hannah Heighten VP Product Strategy @ Fourth

  • Guest speaker
    Jonathan Owens VP @ Fourth


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