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How FranchiseBlast Can Help in Changing Times

About this event

How are you going to manage in this time of uncertainty? While we are coping with travel bans and new measures from the government, operations have changed. During this short webinar, we will be covering how to take advantage of your current FranchiseBlast deployment to provide your franchisees support during this time. We will see how to:

  • Still comply with Food Safety legislation with drive-through or take-out only.
  • Roll-out new operational procedures related to COVID-19
  • Provide support on a remote-basis.
  • Enable franchisees to enhance cleaning procedures.
  • Do audits without using air travel.

Our hosts, Dean Hatzietheodosiou, Sr. Director of Business Development and Mark Bowen, Sr. Director of Customer Success will provide helpful tips from their ongoing experience with over 100 franchise systems.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Mark Bowen Sr. Director of Customer Success @ FranchiseBlast

  • Guest speaker
    Dean Hatzitheodosiou Sr. Director of Business Development @ FranchiseBlast

  • Team member
    Stefania Sigurdson Forbes Sr. Marketing Director

  • Team member
    Jason Kealey President @ FranchiseBlast


You set the course, we'll help you get there. Let's enjoy the journey.

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