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eCommerce Marketing: 3 Strategies to come back stronger after a crisis

About this webinar

eCommerce Marketing: 3 Strategies to come back stronger after a crisis 

Speaker: Tom Ricards, Account Director at Fresh Relevance

Now is a crucial time for eCommerce leaders and marketers to plan their comeback and create a path forward.

What are some of the immediate actions you can take? And what are the medium to long term tactics you should deploy? Join us for a live webinar on Tuesday, 5th May at 2pm and learn about strategies to navigate the current situation and ensure your business will thrive again: 

Key topics include:

  • Which marketing tactics deliver ROI, enhance UX and build loyalty 
  • How to make decisions to propel your business forward
  • Why geotargeting matters now more than ever

Can't make this webinar time? Register and we'll send you a copy of the recording after the event.

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