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The Future of Edtech

About this event

A warm welcome to The Future of EdTech.

The aim of this online conference is to help attendees reflect on the positives of the last twelve months in relation to edtech adoption, what works, what the evidence says and to share insights into how both educators and edtechs can make actionable changes to improve outcomes for learners on a local, national and global level.

During the course of the day delegates will have the opportunity to discuss and debate the direction of EdTech, listen to thought leaders and inspirational speakers and engage with leading EdTech vendors.

The conference will commence with a welcome address from Caroline Wright, Director General BESA. Our opening keynote speaker will be Rose Luckin, Professor and Founder of CEO EDUCATE Ventures. A variety of high profile speakers will then deliver insightful keynotes on topical issues and emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, hybrid learning and the direction of the EdTech industry. A panel discussion will provide an opportunity to reflect on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the EdTech, the industry, online teaching, remote learning and the positives we can take from all of this.

Keynotes at the event

OPENING ADDRESS: Caroline Wright

Director General at the British Educational Suppliers Association, the UK’s trade body for educational suppliers, and Director of EdTech Exchange, Europe’s largest network of EdTech founders. Acting as business champions for more than 300 of the UK’s leading educational suppliers BESA lobbies and works with the UK and international Governments on education policy issues to improve the quality and export potential of British educational resources and supplies.


Professor Rose Luckin is the Director of EDUCATE, a London hub for Educational Technology StartUps, researchers and educators to work together on the development of evidence-informed Educational technology. Rose was named on the Seldon List 2017 as one of the 20 most influential people in Education.

KEYNOTE: Al Kingsley

Al Kingsley is the chair of the Hampton Academies Trust, which incorporates, primary, secondary, and all through schools in Peterborough & is also Chair of KWEST Trust in Norfolk. Al sits on the RSC HeadTeachers’ Board for The East of England and North East London and is also the group MD at EdTech company NetSupport, developing education solutions worldwide for the last 30 years.

KEYNOTE: Mark Anderson

Mark is a former school leader with more than twenty years of experience in the classroom, leading successful faculty departments, being a local authority lead teacher for his subject, and responsible for some of the world’s most innovative 1:1 programs. He is the co-founder of the Digital Leader Network in the UK and an Apple Distinguished Educator, Google Certified Innovator, Microsoft Certified Educator, and expert in mobile learning and associated pedagogies.

Agenda for the day



Presented by Mark Anderson



Presented by Caroline Wright


EdTech in 2021

Presented by Rose Luckin


EdTech Perspectives - Australia

Presented by Brett Salakas


EdTech Perspectives - Hong Kong

Presented by Tim Evans


Why Online Learning

Presented by Sharon Smith, Tute


EdTech Perspectives in Alternative Provision

Presented by Bukky Yusuf


EdTech Perspectives - MIS

Presented by Rikki Harrison, IRIS Education


Global EdTech Perspectives

Presented by Mark Anderson


EdTech Perspectives - The UAE

Presented by Olly Lewis


EdTech Perspectives - France

Presented by Luc Piaton


Real World Learning

Presented by Lucy Evans, Frog Education


AWS EdStart - Helping EdTech Globally

Presented by GraceAnn De Cesaris


EdTech Perspectives - The US

Presented by Jaime Donally


Global EdTech Perspectives

Presented by Al Kingsley


Discussion Panel

Chair Mark Anderson

Guests Vikki Liogier, Laura Knight, Rose Luckin, Lucy Evans and GraceAnn De Cesaris


EdTech Perspectives - The UK

Presented by Dawn Hallybone


EdTech Perspectives - Africa

Presented by Sally Kimangu


Closing Remarks

Presented by Mark Anderson

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    Luc Piaton

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    Bukky Yusuf

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    Vikki Liogier

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    Caroline Wright

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    Jaime Donally

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    Tim Evans

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    Rose Luckin

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