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Advances in Clinical Genomics ONLINE - Webinar 3: Expansion and implementation of genomic medicine in practice

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The UK is lucky enough to be a global leader when it comes to embedding genomic technologies into healthcare. Despite working under a unified health system and having access to a world-leading genomics ecosystem, obstacles remain when it comes to rolling out clinical genomics. The clinical applicability of test results, the support for patients, and even cost-benefit are all key considerations that must be undertaken before national rollout can begin.

However, genomics in healthcare is a fast-moving field. There are new technologies hitting the market at more accessible prices, new research papers which may have clinical implications, and more clinical staff are being expected to upskill in genomics. How can we ensure that we utilise genomics to the best of our ability to improve patient outcomes?

Join us for Clinical Genomics ONLINE, a unique 3-part series that aims to cover the advances of genomics in clinical practice now and in the future.


Webinar 3: Expansion and implementation of genomic medicine in practice

Thursday 23rd of February 2023, 3pm GMT/ 4pm CEST / 10am EST

Changes to the way we test patients, store and access their information, change their care and report back findings means that genomic medicine is becoming more mainstream and accessible.

In this webinar, we will cover the opportunities and challenges of implementing and expanding genomic medicine in practice.

Thinking beyond the scope and the dawn of genomic medicine – Julian Barwell, Consultant Clinical Geneticist, East Genomics

Genomics: Future directions in cancer and its practical applications in the NHS – Nirupa Murugaesu, Consultant in Medical Oncology, St George's University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and Clinical Lead for Molecular Oncology, Genomics England

Rollout of Pharmacogenomics testing in Wales – Aine Moyett, Genomics Trainee Clinical Scientist, All Wales Medical Genomics Service


Previous webinars in the series:

Webinar 1: Technologies driving the genomic healthcare revolution

Now available on demand

The sequencing market is rapidly changing. Cost barriers are falling, and new technologies that provide key information that has the potential to influence clinical decision making is becoming more widely available.

This webinar will cover a few of the technologies that are driving the genomic healthcare revolution.

Genomic technologies in the identification and management of inherited cancer risk – Katie Snape, Joint Lead Consultant for Cancer Genetics, St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Genomic testing in cancer: Experiences of an NHS diagnostic laboratory in delivering for patients and navigating strategies for the future – Sally Spillane, Deputy Head of Cancer Genomics, All Wales Medical Genomics Service


Webinar 2: Genomic sequencing to improve cancer care

Now available on demand

Cancer is one disease area that has already been heavily impacted by genomics. From targeted therapies to understanding hereditary cancers, the workforce is already using genomics in cancer care regularly. But we are at the heart of a revolution, and changes to the way we interrogate cancer genomes in the clinic is inevitable.

In this webinar, we will discover how we can leverage genomics to improve cancer care for better patient outcomes.

Utility of Genomic testing in cancer – George Burghel, Consultant Clinical Scientist – Deputy Lead of Cancer Genomics, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, North West Genomic Laboratory Hub

The art of genomic winnowing: automation of somatic driver annotation to increase throughput and enhance patient access to complex genomic analysis – Philip Beer, Chair, BIVDA Genomics Working Group

How genomics can help the haematologist – Angela Hamblin, Clinical Lead of Haematological Oncology, NHS Central and South Genomic Laboratory Hub

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