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Advances in Genomic Sequencing Webinar 1: Exploring Long- and Short-Read Sequencing

About this event

The sequencing landscape is changing rapidly with new technologies, analysis approaches and players hitting the market. Recent assumptions around the choice of sequencing provider and equipment are no longer accurate. How do you now make sense of the dynamic sequencing ecosystem?

You’re probably wondering which sequencing technology will best answer your research question. You may also want to learn more about when to use short-reads and when to opt for long-reads. Or you may be planning your 2023 projects and wondering where you should start.

Our Advances in Genomic Sequencing ONLINE webinar series will help you with these questions and others by:

- Sharing case studies on dissecting the most complex diseases, from cancer to neurodegenerative disorders using long and short reads

- Uncovering the benefits of using a combination of long and short-read sequencing technologies

- Providing you with the latest insights into which patents are expiring and which new players are entering the scene

** Please note, by registering for webinar one in the series you will automatically receive access to the subsequent webinar. **

Webinar 1: Exploring long- and short-read sequencing

Wednesday 30 November 3 pm GMT/4 pm CET/10 am EST

Despite the benefits of long-read sequencing, why are some researchers still turning to short-reads? When is long-read sequencing best and how long is long enough? How can we best leverage both technologies to better understand the human genome?


TALK 1: Population-scale assessment of structural variation in frontotemporal dementia

Wouter De Coster, Research Associate, University of Antwerp & VIB

TALK 2: The molecular screening and therapeutic study: A national precision oncology program

David Thomas, Head of Genomic Cancer Medicine, Garvan Institute of Medical Research

TALK 3: Long-read transcriptome sequencing reveals isoform diversity across human neurodevelopment

Rosemary Bamford, Research Fellow, University of Exeter Medical School


Webinar 2: Panel Discussion: Exploring the changing sequencing landscape in 2022 and beyond

Wednesday 7 December 3pm GMT/4 pm CET/10 am EST

The panellists will discuss:

  • The changing sequencing landscape
  • New (and exciting) technologies that are hitting the market and when it’s best to use them
  • Lessons learned from having completed the human genome
  • Ethical and legal issues surrounding sequencing and data ownership


David Smith, Emeritus Professor, Mayo Clinic

Shawn Baker, Genomics Start-up Advisor/Investor/Consultant, SanDiegOmics

Deanna Church, Independent Consultant, Dmchurch Bio, LLC

Michael Andrew Quail, Principal Scientific Manager, Sequencing R&D, Wellcome Sanger Institute

Catalina Lopez-Correa, Chief Scientific Officer, Genome Canada

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