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Cancer Genomics ONLINE - Webinar 1: Oncogenesis, drivers, and metastasis

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Often described as a disease of the genome, cancer is claiming the lives of millions every year. A single mutation in a cell can create system-wide chaos, resulting in an array of symptoms and a life-threatening condition.

Luckily, our knowledge of cancer genomics has already improved patient outcomes with the development of targeted therapies. How can we unlock more clues of the cancer genome and change the outcome of millions of patients annually?

Join us for this unique 4-part series, as we explore opportunities to improve our understanding of oncogenesis and metastasis and search for opportunities to intercept the disease at an earlier stage for a better prognosis.

Webinar 1: Oncogenesis, drivers, and metastasis

10th February 3pm GMT/ 4pm CET/ 10am EST

To intercept cancer earlier, the understanding of cancer biology including oncogenesis, drivers and metastasis is crucial. In this webinar, we explore research that is uncovering the workings of cancer biology and how this translated to opportunities for interception.

Talks include:

Measuring cancer evolutionary dynamics using genomics – Trevor Graham, Professor of Cancer Evolution, Barts Cancer Institute, QMUL

Spatially mapping the structure and evolution of cancer clones – Moritz Gerstung, Division Head, German Cancer Research Center and Group Leader, EMBL-EBI

Mutagenic effects of chemotherapy in secondary malignancies and normal cells in pediatric cancer patients - Eline Bertrums, PhD student, Van Boxel Group, Prinses Maxima Centrum voor Kinderoncologie 

Plus, Q&A with the speakers.

Webinar 2: Genomic instability and DNA repair

17th February 3pm GMT/ 4pm CET/ 10am EST

Genomic instability is a characteristic of most cancers. Technologies are now enabling a deeper characterisation of genomic instability. In this webinar, we explore case studies that can help uncover the mechanisms of genomic instability and its importance in cancer development.

Talks include:

Somatic mutations in the ageing brain ​– Luke Harvey, PhD Student, Wellcome Sanger Institute

Re-running cancer evolution in vivo and using multi-omics approaches - Sarah Aitken, Group Leader and Clinician Scientist at the MRC Toxicology Unit, University of Cambridge

Plus, Q&A with the speakers.

Webinar 3: Cellular heterogeneity and therapy resistance

24th February 3pm GMT/ 4pm CET/ 10am EST

Single-cell analysis has highlighted the vast heterogeneity within cancer cells. How do these cellular populations affect disease progression? How can we track treatment-resistant clones to inform clinical decision making? And how does this translate to patient benefit? This webinar will explore the impact of cellular heterogeneity in cancer.

Talks include:

New insights from in situ analyses of single-cell genetic heterogeneity in glioblastoma - Michalina Janiszewska, Assistant Professor, Scripps Research

Clonal heterogeneity and evolution in acute myeloid leukemia – Koichi Takahashi, Physician Scientist and Group Leader, MD Anderson Cancer Centre

Unleashing the power of single-cell multimodal analysis to advance precision medicine - Julia Gouffon, Technical Applications Liaison, Mission Bio

Plus, Q&A with the speakers.

Webinar 4: Precision medicine & immuno-oncology

3rd of March 3pm GMT/ 4pm CET/ 10am EST

Since the first targeted therapy was approved, a lot of effort has been ongoing to truly personalise the cancer pathway. In this webinar, we will cover how cancer genomics is informing precision oncology, highlight current research to drug the cancer genome and how immuno-oncology is revolutionising cancer treatment.

Talks include:

Enhancing tumour cell immunogenicity - Kevin Litchfield, Group Leader, UCL Cancer Institute

The impact and prevalence of genetic immune escape in primary and metastatic cancer - Francisco Martínez-Jiménez, Senior Postdoctoral Fellow, UMC Utrecht

Plus, Q&A with the speakers.

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