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Genomics in Drug Discovery & Development - Webinar 2: Functional Genomics

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Despite an increase in investment into R&D from biopharma companies, only 5-10% of drugs that enter early-stage clinical trials ever reach the patient. With studies showing that drug targets that have genetic support are more likely to get approved, genetics and genomics are playing an increasing role in the pharmaceutical hunt for the next era of drugs.

Join us for this unique 3-part series, as we explore the role genetics and genomics is playing in modern drug discovery and how we can better leverage ever-improving technologies for maximum benefit.

Webinar 2: Functional Genomics tools for target ID & validation (discussion)

20th May, 3pm BST/ 4pm CEST/ 10am EDT

Functional genomics presents a huge opportunity to understand the targetable genome and how this can be leveraged for drug discovery. This webinar will discuss the different technologies that biopharma is leveraging for functional genomics studies, evaluate their limitations and future directions.

Keynote: Integrating Machine Learning and Functional Genomics to decipher the language of the cell – Kim Branson, SVP, Global Head of Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning, GSK

Discussion: Functional Genomics tools for Target ID and Validation


Davide Gianni, Director, Functional Genomics, AstraZeneca

Stephen Hague, Senior Science and Technology Advisor, 10x Genomics

Lisa Mohamet, Global Head Translational In vitro Models, GSK

Eric Chow, Director, UCSF Centre for Advanced Technology

Webinar 3: Coupling genomic data with diverse datasets

27th May, 3pm BST/ 4pm CEST/ 10am EDT

While genetics and genomics present a huge opportunity for drug discovery, the increasing ability and ease to capture multi-omics data, or couple “omics” data with imaging data, present a huge opportunity to translate findings into targets.

This webinar will present the opportunities to leverage diverse data for drug target discovery, address the challenges of this at scale, and present opportunities for future developments.

From Variant to Function - Multi-omics approach – Nikolina Nakic, Director, Computational Biology, GSK

A new molecular classification to drive precision treatment strategies in primary Sjögren’s syndrome – Perrine Soret, Project Leader in Biomarker Statistics, Servier

Transform the ability to characterize human disease and drug targeting through multi omics – Stephen Hague, Senior Science and Technology Advisor, 10x Genomics

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