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Genomics in Drug Discovery ONLINE - Webinar 2: Infusing Multi-dimensional Data into Drug Discovery

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With drug discovery being an expensive and labour-intensive process, drug hunters are often the first to implement novel innovative technologies into their pipelines. Since the notorious 2019 PLOS Genetics paper that estimated that drug targets with the support of genetic evidence were 2x more likely to be approved, genomics has been an even more integral part of the drug discovery process.

However, advances in genomic technologies, bioinformatic pipelines, and AI has meant that the game is ever-changing for genomics in drug discovery.

Join us for our latest series: Genomics in Drug Discovery ONLINE, where examples of how to make the best use of genomics and big data will be presented, and how you can utilise these to support your own research.

By registering you will:

  • Be given an overview of the role that omics play in every stage of drug discovery, and how to manage and integrate diverse data sets.
  • Understand how using Biobank-scale datasets can be used to validate novel targets.
  • Gain insights into how, when and where AI/ML is being utilised to expedite discoveries.

The series outline is below. Plus, each webinar will be presented live, so come armed with questions for the extended Q&A sessions.

**Please note that by registering for one webinar in the series, you will automatically be registered to all subsequent webinars**

Webinar 2: Infusing Multi-dimensional Data into Drug Discovery

Thursday 9th of November at 3 pm GMT/4 pm CET/10 am EST

Introducing the power of multi-dimensional data in drug discovery, this webinar will showcase the value of integrating diverse datasets to lead to more informed pharmaceutical decision-making and accelerated drug development. It will also cover exciting computational tools to directly interpret the results and provide multi-dimensional drug discovery insights.

Talk 1: Integrating Omics into Drug Discovery: from Target ID to Phase 3 and Beyond

Tom Lanz, Senior Director of Multi-Omics and Biomarkers, Pfizer

Talk 2: Advancing Drug Discovery Through Genetics and Genomics

Nikolina Nakic, Senior Director, GSK

Talk 3: Multi-Omics Approaches to Inform Disease Mechanism and Drug Target Identification

Andrew Jarnuczak, Associate Principal Scientist, AstraZeneca

Webinar 3: Harnessing the Power of Big Data in Drug Discovery with AI

Thursday 16th of November at 3 pm BST/4 pm CET/10 am EST

This webinar will discuss how to expertly handle the large sample size data that is required for statistically meaningful target identification, validation and biomarker discovery. It will showcase how the advanced computational prowess of AI can be leveraged for big data, and what to consider when implementing algorithms for this purpose.

Talk 1: What To Do and What Not To Do? That is the Question

Gurpreet Singh, Senior Director and Head of Applied Machine Learning, Bayer

Talk 2: Building AI Models: Lessons Learned

Richard Lewis, Director, Data Science, Computer-Aided Drug Design, Novartis

Talk 3: Proteomics and Single-Cell: Applications to the Drug Discovery Process

Yann Abraham, Associate Scientific Director, Janssen

Webinar 1: Genomics-Driven Drug Discovery

Now available on demand

This webinar will discuss how genomics is transforming the drug discovery landscape, revolutionising personalised medicine and identifying the right targets to improve patient outcomes. It will discuss how to manage and analyse the vast amounts of genomic data being generated in research and the clinic, and what tools can be used to support the process.

Talk 1: From Target Discovery to Clinical Drug Development with Human Genetics

Katerina Trajanoska, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, McGill University

Talk 2: Leveraging Public Genomic Data to Identify Therapeutic Targets

Stefanie Morgan, Head of Science, Watershed Bio

Talk 3: Advancing Genomic Healthcare by Accelerating Genomic Research into Cancer and Rare Disease

James Duboff, Strategic Partnerships Director, Genomics England

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