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Integrating Diverse Datasets - Webinar 2: Methods of data integration, visualisation and interpretation

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We are now firmly in the era of big data and researchers have an increasing amount of data at their fingertips. However, one of the biggest challenges still faced is the integration and interpretation of the diverse large-scale omics datasets in a way that provides biological insights and derives causative relationships to disease. This requires the development of tools and experimental methods to follow up on hypotheses generated by our data. Together, this will allow us to answer novel questions and identify causative relationships to disease. But, where do we start?

Join us for this three-part series as leading researchers dive into methods of collection of multi-omics data, address the challenges of data integration and analysis, and share success stories of how this type of analysis is fuelling research and the development of new therapeutics.

Webinar 2: Methods of data integration, visualisation, and interpretation

10th November 2021, 3pm GMT/ 4pm CET/ 10am EST

Significant bioinformatic challenges remain with data integration, visualisation, and interpretation. This webinar will focus on case studies showcasing the methods of data integration and address the challenges of this type of data analysis.

Multi-omics data integration: strategies and techniquesTakoua Jendoubi, Lecturer in Statistical Science, University College London

Mergeomics/Pharmomics - tools for multiomics integration and network-based medicineXia Yang, Professor, Integrative Biology & Physiology, The University of California

Modelling, integrating, and searching processed genomic datasetsAnna Bernasconi, Post-doctoral Researcher, Politecnico di Milano

Other webinars in this series:

Webinar 1: From data into biological mechanisms through integration

Wednesday 3rd November 2021, 3pm GMT/ 4pm CET/ 11am EDT

The coupling of diverse datasets has enabled rapid advances in the understanding of complex networks. This webinar will focus on case studies of combining diverse datasets for the understanding of mechanisms in human diseases.

Function of chromatin regulators linked to neurodevelopmental disordersKyung-Min Noh, Group Leader, EMBL Heidelberg Germany

Integrating epigenetics to construct gene regulatory networksAbhijeet Sonawane, Instructor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Webinar 3: Leveraging diverse sequencing approaches to identify therapeutic interventions

17th November 2021, 3pm GMT/ 4pm CET/ 10am EST

This webinar will highlight research from drug hunters using diverse datasets to identify novel therapeutic intervention opportunities.

Democratising drug development using genomicsAroon Hingorani, Chair of Genetic Epidemiology, University College London

Multiomics in drug development: what we gain, what we lose - Paul Agapow, Statistics and Data Science Innovation Hub, GSK

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