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Precision Oncology ONLINE - Webinar 2: Precision oncology in practice. A spotlight on: Haematological cancers

About this event

Join us for this unique three-part webinar series, Precision Oncology ONLINE, as we delve into how detecting rare sequences can shape our understanding and approach to treating cancer. We will also deep-dive into examples and lessons learned from delivering precision oncology with examples in both solid-tumours and haematological cancers.

Please note, by registering for one webinar in the series, you will automatically receive access to all subsequent webinars.


Webinar 2: Precision oncology in practice. A spotlight on: Haematological cancers

20th September at 3pm BST/ 4pm CET/ 10am EST

In this webinar, we will evaluate the strengths of molecular profiling in delivering precision medicine for blood cancers.


  • Genomic testing in haematological oncology – where are we now? A focus on Acute Myeloid Leukaemia
  • Marianne Grantham, Head of Cytogenetics and Molecular Haematology & Lead Scientist for Haematological Malignancies, North Thames GLH
  • Equitable access for all: implementing advanced genomic testing in routine NHS practice
  • Jack Bartram, Consultant Paediatric Haematologist, Great Ormond Street Hospital
  • Genetic profiling in lymphoma – the promise and the challenges
  • Daniel Hodson, CRUK Senior Clinical Fellow, University of Cambridge


Webinar 3: Detecting rare sequences to deliver on precision oncology

27th September at 3pm BST/ 4pm CET/ 10am EST

Advances in digital PCR technologies have enabled us to detect and measure cancer alterations at unparalleled resolution, finding rare alleles or sequences which could unlock the power to transform patient care. Detecting and monitoring cancer biomarkers can transform patient care, so how can we best leverage these technologies to deliver on precision oncology?

In this webinar, we will deep-dive into the technology that can give unparalleled resolution into the cancer genome, and how this is being applied to deliver precision oncology in practice.


  • Single assay for simultaneous detection of 5 different variants of MAP2K1 using multiplexed digital PCR
  • Jean-François Emile, Head of Department, Ambroise Paré Hospital, AP-HP


Previous webinars in the series:

Webinar 1: Precision oncology in practice. A spotlight on non-small cell lung cancer

Tuesday 13th September at 3pm BST/ 4pm CET/ 10am EST

Since the discovery of the EGFR mutation that sensitised non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) to tyrosine kinase inhibitors, NSCLC has been a great example of precision oncology in solid tumours.

However, since the emergence of resistance to EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors, there is a medical need to improve our understanding of cancer evolution and develop more robust diagnostic tools and treatment options in NSCLC cancer patients.

In this webinar, we focus on current research on the status and future development of precision medicine in NSCLC.


  • Next Generation Technologies in Liquid Biopsy in NSCLC
  • Umberto Mallepelle, Assistant Professor of Anatomic Pathology, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II
  • Clinical applications of liquid biopsies in delivering on precision oncology in NSCLC
  • Nicola Normanno, Chief Scientific Officer, IRCCS Fondazione Pascale
  • Precision Oncology in NSCLC: the CONCORDE trial, a phase I platform study of radical radiotherapy in combination with multiple different inhibitors of the DNA damage response
  • Anthony Chalmers, Chair of Clinical Oncology, University of Glasgow

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