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Proteomics ONLINE Webinar 2: Using Advanced Proteomic Techniques to Uncover Novel Biomarkers for Disease

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As we move into the post-genomic era, the spotlight’s on proteomics to deliver novel advances in drug discovery, and it won’t disappoint…

The boom of high throughput proteomic technologies that allow us to identify and quantify proteins, has expanded our repertoire of biomarkers for disease. Plus, exciting advancements in structural proteomics are helping us to uncover new drug targets and opportunities for intervention.

With all this progress, the future looks bright for proteomic-driven drug discovery as we continue to unlock more of the proteome. And we’re still only at the very tip of the iceberg, with patients yet to reap the rewards at the clinic.

Want to learn more about how advances in structural, clinical, and translational proteomics are supporting the discovery of new protein-targeting drugs? Hear from nine expert speakers in our upcoming webinar series, Proteomics ONLINE.

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Webinar 2: Using Advanced Proteomic Techniques to Uncover Novel Biomarkers for Disease.

Tuesday 6th December at 3pm GMT/10am EST/7am PST

More than half of recently approved drugs were supported by biomarker data, making the identification of novel biomarkers a huge priority in the biopharmaceutical industry.

Join us in webinar two to learn about the latest developments in clinical proteomics and how state-of-the-art technologies are allowing for the high-throughput detection of novel protein biomarkers.

Using Advanced Proteomics for Clinical Biomarker Discovery and Quantification - Axel Ducret, Expert Scientist and Group Lead, Roche.

Olink Proximity Extension Assay: A Novel Affinity Technique for Disease Biomarker Discovery - Dale Yuzuki, Director, Olink Proteomics

Rationalising Anti-Cancer Drug Responses Using Proteomics and Machine Learning: Towards Next Generation Precision Medicine - Pedro Cutillas, Professor of Cell Signalling and Proteomics, Barts Cancer Institute London.

Using Targeted Proteomics for Multi-Analyte Detection in Clinically Relevant Samples - Benedetta Lombardi, Senior Scientist, AstraZeneca

Previous webinars in this series available ON-DEMAND:

Webinar 1: Leveraging a New Era of Protein Structure Prediction to Advance Proteomic-Driven Drug Discovery

Join us in webinar one to explore the most recent advances in structural proteomics and how they are supporting drug target discovery.

Expanding Cross-Linking Based Structural Proteomics Towards Pharmacological Applications - Alexander Leitner, Principal Scientist, ETH Zurich

Harnessing Integrative Structural Proteomics to Interrogate Protein Dynamics and Interactions - Antonio Calabrese, Group Lead, University of Leeds

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