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Single-cell and Spatial Omics ONLINE - Single-cell & spatial omics in the hunt for new therapeutics

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Since its advent, single-cell analysis has provided unparalleled molecular insights into cellular heterogeneity. With the addition of spatial context and improved technologies that enable the parallel study of multiple molecular layers, we are armed with more information than ever.

Join us for our upcoming webinar series - Single Cell and Spatial Omics ONLINE - as we will highlight the research that is harnessing the latest single cell and spatial technologies, evaluating their current status and measuring their impact on the future direction of leading research projects in the field.

Webinar 1: Integrative single cell and spatial analysis

10th June, 3pm BST/ 4pm CEST/ 10am EDT

The ability to sequence multiple omics layers an in integrative fashion has enabled many deep biological insights to be made. This webinar will evaluate the integrative approaches to single-cell analysis and highlight research using this approach to develop our understanding of complex systems.

Integrated analysis of single-cell multimodal data– Yuhan Hao, PhD Student, Satija Lab, New York Genome Center

Spatial transcriptomics to unravel cellular interactions in Alzheimer’s Disease – Bart de Strooper, Director of UK Dementia Research Institute, UCL

Webinar 2: Single-cell & spatial omics in the hunt for new therapeutics

17th June, 3pm BST/ 4pm CEST/ 10am EDT

Single-cell multi-omics can elucidate causative changes in the omics layers, and how they interact with each other, giving researchers better therapeutic targets.

This webinar will highlight the impact single-cell omics technologies are having on the hunt for better, more precise therapeutic targets.

Single-cell and bulk transcriptomics of the liver reveals potential targets of NASH with fibrosis - Zhongyi Wang, Post-Doctoral researcher, Novartis

Single B cell analysis for therapeutic antibody discovery - Manjunath Hegde, Scientific Investigator & Associate Fellow, GSK

Webinar 3: Understanding heterogeneity in complex systems.

24th June, 3pm BST/ 4pm CEST/ 10am EDT

Cellular heterogeneity underpins some of the most complex systems in human health – from the immune system, the nervous system or in diseases such as cancer. This webinar will highlight some of the latest research that is providing deeper insights into these complex biological systems.

Embracing complexity: from discrete analysis to multivariate visualizations– Yann Abraham, Computational Immunologist, Janssen

Dissecting intratumoral immune cell diversity using single cell transcriptomics – Anne van der Leun, Post-doc, Netherlands Cancer Institute

This series has been kindly supported by 10x Genomics

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