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Single Cell Biology ONLINE - Webinar 1: Deciphering the architecture of heterogeneous tissues

About this event

Our latest webinar series: Single Cell Biology ONLINE will help you to monitor changes in cellular composition and how these contribute to some of the world’s most complex diseases and tissues.

Over the next three webinars, you will learn more about approaches to decipher rare cell types and subpopulations of interest in messy single-cell data. You will also gain an understanding of how single-cell approaches are underpinning changes in complex tissues, exemplified with case studies from world-leading researchers in Alzheimer’s, cancer, liver diseases and more.

Register now and you will leave with:

  • A better understanding of approaches developed by your peers to isolate cells of interest.
  • Examples of study design and analysis that demonstrates how to decipher the signal from noisy data of complex tissues, with examples in Alzheimer’s disease.
  • An overview of how single-cell studies are strengthening our understanding of critical processes that are leading to disease onset and progression in a variety of disease areas, and how these insights can be translated into therapeutic opportunities in the future.

The webinar series outline is below. Please note, that by registering for the first webinar in the series you will automatically gain access to all subsequent webinars.

Webinar 1: Deciphering the architecture of heterogeneous tissues

Tuesday 11th July at 3pm BST/ 4pm CET/ 10am EST

In this webinar, we will explore methods of isolating and studying cell types of interest in heterogeneous tissues.

Propeller: Testing for Differences in Cell Type Proportions in Single Cell Data - Belinda Phipson, Lab Head, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

Unravel biological complexity with single cell solutions - Angela Churchill, Product Marketing Manager, Single Cell Applications, 10x Genomics

Single-cell RNA Sequencing: A Tool for Understanding Vulnerable Atherosclerotic Plaques in a Large Patient Cohort - Michal Mokry, Associate Professor, UMC Utrecht

Webinar 2: Uncovering complex biology with single-cell analysis

Tuesday 18th July at 3pm BST/ 4pm CET/ 10am EST

In this webinar, we will cover approaches from both the technological side of single-cell analysis and the advances in bioinformatics that can deconvolute complicated data. It will highlight the strengths of single-cell technologies and how this is paving the way for novel insights into biology.

Integration of Bulk and Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Data From Cerebral Organoids in Autism and Alzheimer’s DiseaseElaine Lim, Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts Medical School

Single-Cell Sequencing of Alzheimer's Disease Brain Samples Reveals Glial Genes Expression Changes Lilach Soreq, Alzheimer's Society Research Fellow, University College London

Spatial Epigenome-Transcriptome Co-Profiling of Mammalian TissuesYanxiang Deng, Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania

Webinar 3: Discovering drivers of disease using single-cell approaches

Tuesday 25th July at 3pm BST/ 4pm CET/ 10am EST

There are many diseases where a single cell can make all the difference. In this webinar, hear about insights gained on drivers of disease or evolution of resistance using single-cell analysis.

Insights Into Autoimmune Disease Pathogenesis Using Single-Cell Computational OmicsFan Zhang, Assistant Professor, University of Colorado School of Medicine

Multi-Omics Approaches to examine the cellular ecosystem of Primary Sclerosing CholangitisSonya MacParland, Associate Professor, University of Toronto

Utilizing Single-Cell Sequencing Platforms to Explore The Initiation and Progression of GI & Liver Cancers - Jian Wu, Youth Associate Professor, Fudan University

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