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Unlocking the power of gene expression reprogramming to reverse chronic age-related diseases

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In this one-of-a-kind webinar, we will explore the biology of ageing and how we can harness the power of gene expression reprogramming to reverse chronic age-related diseases.  

This webinar will cover: 

  1. The latest insights into the Robust Mouse Rejuvenation programme, and implications for late-onset intervention to reverse ageing. 
  2. How to leverage existing datasets to gain a better understanding of age-related disorders and potentially unlock novel targets. 
  3. How the plasma proteome changes with age and is leading to the development of novel therapies, with examples. 

You will leave with (1) a clearer idea of how approaches used to study and tackle ageing are set to impact related fields, such as cancer and neurodegenerative disorders, and (2) an overview of how the world’s most innovative scientists are using gene expression reprogramming and other molecular approaches to reverse chronic ageing. And finally (3) you will learn more about the challenges of drugging ageing itself, rather than just the diseases associated with it. 

Talks include: 

Expanding lifespan by reversing age-related disease  

– Aubrey De Grey, CEO, LEV Foundation 

In this presentation, you will learn about the importance of achieving medical control over the ageing process and the reasons why it has not been achieved before. An overview of the Robust Mouse Rejuvenation program will be provided to demonstrate the potential of treating age-related diseases. Additionally, the presentation will discuss the foundation for future research and outline the next steps for the LEV foundation. 

How to harness transcriptomics data for ageing-related research 

 - Axel Martinelli, Head of Biology, BigOmics Analytics

This presentation will highlight how the Omics Playground Platform can help researchers leverage current bioinformatic approaches and existing databases to not only gain a greater understanding of the mechanisms involved in age-related disorders, but also to identify biomarkers and evaluate the impact of novel therapies. It will demonstrate examples from published studies on topics such as progeria and neurodegenerative disorders. 

Molecularizing the science of plasma to target age-related diseases  

- Salah Mahmoudi, Associate Director, Discovery Research, Alkahest   

In this presentation, you will discover how we are leveraging our deep understanding of the plasma proteome and how it changes with age to develop novel therapies for age-related diseases, such as neurological disorders. 

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This webinar has kindly been supported by BigOmics Analytics. 

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