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Using Single Cell Multi-Omics to Analyse the Immune System

About this event

Improving our understanding of how the immune system functions in health and disease will lead to the development of more effective therapies for a wide range of diseases.

Single cell sequencing is a valuable approach for studying the immune system and its crosstalk with various tissues, providing information on gene expression within thousands of cells in a single experiment. Now that a new era of single cell multi-omics has emerged, new layers of information can be added to transcriptomics data, allowing us to study biological processes with unprecedent detail and throughput.

But – how can you best use these new approaches to take your own research forwards? That’s where this webinar will help you...


What will be covered?

The first talk – delivered by Dr. Anke Faehnrich of the University of Luebeck, Germany – will present recent findings on the crosstalk between immune and epithelial cells in post-COVID patients, as analysed with single cell RNA sequencing of nasal biopsies.

What you will learn from this talk:

An outline of applying single cell RNA-seq to study nasal biopsies, including:

  • Transcriptome profiles of the identified cell types.
  • Identification of key molecules and biological pathways linked to post-COVID syndrome.
  • Immune/ epithelial crosstalk and its potential effect on mucosal barrier function.


The second talk – delivered by Prof. Jie P. Li, of the Nanjing University, China – will introduce a novel multi-omic approach for the quantification of cell surface glycosylation, together with gene profiling at single cell level.

What you will learn from this talk:

  • The working principles of a novel chemoenzymatic method for LacNac detection at a single cell level.
  • How cell-surface glycosylation levels vary in activated and quiescent CD8+ T cells.
  • Further applications of single cell multi-omic approaches.


Talks and Speakers

Talk 1: Single cell RNA sequencing from nasal biopsies reveals immune-/epithelial cell cross-talk in symptomatic post-COVID patients

Dr. Anke Faehnrich, Head of the Single Cell Core Facility and Single Cell Sequencing Section, Institute of Experimental Dermatology, University of Luebeck, Germany

Talk 2: Chemoenzymatic measurement of cell-surface LacNAc in single cell multi-omics reveals LacNAc as a cell-surface indicator of glycolytic activity of CD8+ T cells

Prof. Jie P. Li, Professor of Chemical Immunology, Nanjing University, China

Talks are followed by audience Q&A with both speakers.


This webinar has been produced with the kind support of Singleron Biotechnologies. You can find out more about the technologies outlined in this webinar by visiting the Singleron Biotechnologies website.

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