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Frontier Economics invites you to their event

e-Zinc and long-duration storage in the GB electricity market

About this event

Frontier Economics and LCP would like to invite you to a webinar to discuss this important topic. We will be covering:

  • The drivers and scale of need for long-duration storage in the future
  • e-Zinc’s technology and business case, and how it might help to meet the coming need
  • How to ensure investment incentives, and whether today’s market design is fit for this purpose.

With us for the discussion will be:

  • Claire Thornhill – Frontier Economics
  • Abbas Hussain – Frontier Economics
  • Dan Roberts – Frontier Economics
  • Cian McLeavey-Reville – National Grid ESO
  • Chris Matson – Partner, LCP
  • James Larsen – CEO, e-Zinc
  • Bharath Kantharaj – Pivot Power
  • George Day – Energy Systems Catapult

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    CC G
    Callum Cheshire Consultant @ Frontier Economics

  • Guest speaker
    CT G
    Claire Thornhill Associate Director @ Frontier Economics

  • Guest speaker
    BK G
    Bharath Kantharaj Portfolio Optimisation Manager @ Pivot Power (EDF renewables)

  • Guest speaker
    GD G
    George Day Head of Markets, Policy and Regulation @ Energy Systems Catapult

  • Guest speaker
    CM G
    Chris Matson Partner @ LCP

  • Guest speaker
    CM G
    Cian McLeavey-Reville Senior Manager, Market Development @ National Grid ESO

  • Guest speaker
    JL G
    James Larsen CEO @ e-Zinc

  • Team member
    Frontier Economics Clients Team @ Frontier Economics

  • Guest speaker
    DR G
    Dan Roberts Director @ Frontier Economics

  • Guest speaker
    AH G
    Abbas Hussain Manager @ Frontier Economics

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