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A culture of innovation: the new normal

About this event

What does innovation, especially during a time of crisis, look like? Join Amazon Web Services in this webinar to discover how Amazon’s innovation model and mechanisms can be used to innovate. Hear from some of their customers on how they employed the similar innovation mechanisms to create solutions which have delivered impact in our society. 

In this webinar, learn how AWS cloud services can be combined with process and culture changes to enable advances in innovative thinking. We'll look at how Amazon uses AWS to unlock the potential in their teams and share some of the tips, tricks and techniques that help leverage cloud technology to its maximum advantage. 

Hear from Professor Patrick Brennan from the University of Sydney, as he discusses how they developed the world’s only online image-based COVID-19 diagnosis improvement tool for healthcare workers with AWS.

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  • Guest speaker
    SE G
    Simon Elisha Head of Solution Architecture @ Amazon Web Services

  • Guest speaker
    Paul Cooper

  • Guest speaker
    PB G
    Professor Patrick Brennan The University of Sydney

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