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Future of Security Mini Series - Featuring Wells Fargo

About this event

The current pandemic has been a forcing function for the acceleration of digital transformation of organisations across all industries. Managing load on infrastructure, securing the online experience, reducing user friction, and improving conversion rates have been brought to the forefront of business priorities.

FST Media’s Future of Security Mini Series – featuring Wells Fargo brings together three security experts across a 90-min virtual event, to draw on their knowledge and expertise, and provide a close-up look at strategies to proactively manage cyber threats across the financial services industry.

Split across three sessions, this short, fast paced, and factual virtual event aims to provide you with a cyber security snapshot to  to streamline your organisation's data privacy without compromising on your ability to access applications anywhere.

Session 1: Defeat Application Fraud and Improve User Experience

  • Defeat fraud - how to separate fake users from your real customers
  • Reduce friction and improve customers experience
  • Increase digital engagement and improve conversion rates

James Tin, Senior Director of Global Security & Fraud Solutions, F5

Session 2: Proactively Managing Cyber Threats with Growing Digital Attack Surfaces

  • Snapshot of the threat landscape over the past year
  • How has infrastructure changed?
  • Defence in depth – threat reduction strategies to reducing exposure

Jay Spreitzer, SVP, APAC Regional Information Security Lead, Wells Fargo (Hong Kong)

Session 3: Cyber Threats and Security Practices in Financial Services

  • Authenticated email origination and handling
  • Encryption standards for public web applications
  • Version management for web servers and email servers
  • Risky protocols unsuitable for the internet
  • The proliferation of vulnerability disclosure programs

Jean-Paul Baillon, Account Executive, Rapid7


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  • Guest speaker
    Jean-Paul Baillon Rapid7 @ Account Executive

  • Guest speaker
    Jay Spreitzer SVP, APAC Regional Information Security Lead @ Wells Fargo (Hong Kong)

    Jay is the Senior Vice President and APAC Region Information Security Lead within Information and Cyber Security’s Cyber Threat Management Team at Wells Fargo. He is based in APAC (Hong Kong) and responsible for information cyber threat management.

  • Guest speaker
    James Tin Senior Director of Global Security & Fraud Solutions @ F5

    Based in Australia, James Tin is the Senior Director of Global Security Solutions at Shape Security (Part of F5), helping customers ensure that their online presence is fast, reliable and secure. With more than 14 years of experience in IT, James spent much of his time in IT engineering roles for a number of US IT cloud security vendors. He has specialised in mitigating Application Fraud, mitigating Credential Abuse Attacks, Web Application Firewalls, Zero-Trust Security, Data Loss Prevention, Application Performance Monitoring, Content Delivery, Authentication, SSO, Content Caching, DDOS Mitigation, WAN Acceleration, Incident Response Planning, Disaster Recovery Planning and Business Continuity Planning. Prior to that, James worked as an IT Manager for a global financial services company and as a security consultant for online wagering companies. James holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of New South Wales.

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