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How Snowflake is transforming the data experience in asset management

About this event

Asset managers are facing industry headwinds across value, fee compression and low-cost competing products, challenges incorporating sustainability measures into investment processes, the continued drive of regulators, changing client demographics, and looking to new technology and data strategies to solve these industry challenges.

Our esteemed speaker, Rinesh Patel, Global Head of Financial Services at Snowflake, brings over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. Rinesh has held various leadership roles and has a proven track record of developing innovative data strategies. He was previously the Global Head of Cloud Platform at Refinitiv, where he spearheaded the development of a modernised cloud data platform to deliver new data solutions.

Join Rinesh in the webinar as he discusses how asset managers overcome industry challenges such as value and fee compression, sustainability measures, regulatory pressures, changing client demographics, and the need for advanced technology and data strategies. See how Snowflake empowers the largest asset managers and owners to break down data siloes, establish strong data governance, and leverage features like Snowflake data sharing. This creates a seamless data ecosystem connecting providers and service users, enabling informed decisions and driving business growth.

Join us to understand how Snowflake is helping the largest asset managers and asset owners address these challenges, breaking down data siloes, informing their overall data strategy with a complete focus on data governance and how capabilities such as Snowflake data sharing have created a frictionless data ecosystem connecting data providers and service providers to deliver tangible business outcomes across business-critical use-cases within these organisations.

Speaker Bio

Rinesh Patel, Global Head of Financial Services, Snowflake

Rinesh Patel is based in London and is the Global Head of Financial Services at Snowflake, responsible for developing the financial service value proposition. He has held several leadership roles in the financial services industry in a career spanning 20 years, with his most recent experience as Global Head of Cloud Platform at Refinitiv (a London Stock Exchange Company), where he established and led a commercially-minded platform team to develop a modernized cloud data platform to deliver new data solutions.

Rinesh has extensive experience leading enterprise data and analytics across buy-side and sell-side institutions and has also held management consultancy and investment banking positions. Rinesh is a frequent speaker on financial services technology at international conferences and contributes to various publications. Rinesh holds a BA(Hons) degree in Economics.

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