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[Live Talk] Finding the right ladder and facing the fear of failure with Lucy Gossage

About this event

In this live interactive talk, we are honoured to welcome Lucy Gossage, 14x iron-distance champion and oncologist.

With little sporting background Lucy Gossage entered her first triathlon as a dare while working as a junior doctor in 2006. Over the following decade she became one of the most well-known, popular and successful professional long distance triathletes in the world. Lucy calls herself an ‘accidental pro’, is referred to as the Duracell Bunny, and is renowned for her unique finish line celebrations, #doingalucy. 10 of Lucy’s 14 Iron distance wins were achieved while working as a doctor. Alongside her triathlon and oncology careers, Lucy has cofounded the national charity initiative 5K Your Way, Move Against Cancer.

About this Talk

In this session Lucy will provide us with a unique perspective on juggling two careers that, while on paper are poles apart, have proven to be remarkably complementary. She combines light-hearted stories about life racing as a professional triathlete with more poignant life lessons from both her oncology and triathlon careers and describes how two separate life paths can unite to enhance one another. Recognising that choosing to suffer as an athlete is a privilege many people with cancer don’t have is a powerful motivator. Lucy’s triathlon career is epitomised by passion, patience, perseverance and resilience, arguably best exemplified by her 9th place finish at the world championships just 8 weeks after breaking her collarbone.

Triathlon has taught Lucy to face up to her fear of failure and that there is always a way to turn sour lemons into lemonade. Her life journey so far proves that taking a sideways leap off the career ladder to follow a passion can ultimately lead to a more productive and fulfilling career in the long run. She will remind you that it’s always be better to be lower down a ladder you want to climb than at the top of one you don’t.

As an oncologist, Lucy remembers more than most that we only get one shot at life. Lucy’s energetic, passionate and life-affirming talk on "Finding the right ladder and facing the fear of failure" will leave you with a lust for living and an urge to make the most of every single day.

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