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Why your data differs in and outside GA4

About this event

Most of us have used GA4 for a while now, but there is still a lot of frustration left.

In particular issues with data discrepancies and data mismatches.

Funnel and Metric Labs will team up and walk you through what the reasons are and how to best improve your insights capabilities by leveraging your GA data in other tools.

You'll learn how to start leveraging Looker Studio, Big Query and Funnel's Marketing Data Hub, and the considerations of these options.

Vincent Maneno leads a team of data analytics experts, who help brands and agencies in Australia with GA and analytics.

Gabi Somadelis works as a Solution Consultant at Funnel, and helps brands and agencies in APAC implement an efficient marketing reporting process.

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    Luci Fang Marketing Manager @ Metric Labs

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    Gabi Somadelis

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    Jakob Andersson

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    Vincent Maneno Metric Labs


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