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How to build reports that will make you look like a superstar

About this event

How about delivering live, professional, CFO and accounting-level reports, to help you grow?

Crunch some numbers. Monitor some KPIs. Get that report done before the big board meeting on Friday. It's all here folks.

In this session we will cover:

  • The award-winning Futrli Advisor
  • Pre-built report templates
  • How to create your own templates
  • PDF and live templates
  • Creating templates from your live dashboards

And much more!

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    The Futrli Team

    This is Futr-li:the small business prediction software you and your bank balance will love. Sure, it predicts cash flow. But it also explains your numbers, gives peace of mind, and more - like when to hire, fundraise, raise prices, pay yourself doubleā€¦

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