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How to get your invoices paid in super-fast time, every time (even the old ones)

About this event

We wish every customer would pay on time, but they don't.

Credit Control is annoying, time-consuming and draining at the best of times.

But...what if you could guarantee immediate payment for every invoice you send out?

What if you could give your customers an option to pay in instalments?

Think you might be able to land that bigger contract after all?

What if you could see how this would impact your future business and help you grow faster?

In this session we will cover:

  • What is iwocaPay?
  • What is Predict+Pay?
  • How do they work together?

Any much more!

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    The Futrli Team

    This is Futr-li:the small business prediction software you and your bank balance will love. Sure, it predicts cash flow. But it also explains your numbers, gives peace of mind, and more - like when to hire, fundraise, raise prices, pay yourself doubleā€¦

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